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Siding Installation and Repair for Johnstown and Somerset, PA

Keystone Roofing Serves Cambria and Somerset Counties

Keystone Roofing offers siding installation and repair for Johnstown and Somerset, PA, and surrounding areas. Siding often consists of vinyl, metal, or wood, protects your walls and interior from moisture, pests, and more. If the siding on your home or business is cracking, fading, or you would like to upgrade, contact Keystone Roofing. For a free estimate, call Keystone Roofing in Windber, PA, today at (814) 322-2588 to schedule service.

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When to Replace Wood, Metal, or Vinyl Siding

Knowing when to replace your siding can depend on several factors. When it comes to your siding, look for cracks, discoloration, warping, and interior moisture. If you notice any of these signs, Keystone Roofing can assist you with siding installation and repair. Our roofers also offer soffit and fascia work to satisfy whatever your property needs. We proudly serve Windber, PA; Johnstown, PA; Somerset, PA; and the surrounding areas.

Signs It is Time to Replace Wooden Siding

Wooden siding, while classic and durable, can sometimes break or chip. The wood requires regular maintenance and painting to keep it looking fresh. Failure to maintain wooden siding can lead to moisture and pest problems. Choosing not to paint wooden siding may also detract from the building’s curb appeal, giving a rundown appearance.

Know These Metal Siding Replacement Signs

Metal siding has been a solution for properties with wooden siding. Metal was used to clad wood, offering an added sheet of protection. Pre-painted metal siding was an upgrade to the constant need to paint and repair wood. Older metal siding can show signs of wear, however. Dings and dents can accumulate over time from harsh weather or other acts of nature. Scratches or discoloration in the paint can lead certain types of metal to rust or deteriorate, if left unattended.

The Elegance and Ease of Vinyl May Have Its Limits

Many home and business owners find they prefer the look and texture of vinyl siding. Used alone or with added insulation, vinyl can provide more flexible protection to buildings. Vinyl can withstand much from the elements. Over time, its color may can fade, or sections can crack or break. Replacing vinyl siding in a variety of complementary colors is often a less-expensive and welcome alternative.

Siding from Our Roofers Offers Protection for Area Properties

Our roofers can install new siding to your property quickly and easily. Because we do our job efficiently, this means we get out of your way as fast as possible while still providing you with quality workmanship. Whether your siding is old, needs repair, or you would just like better curb appeal, our team does the job! Call Keystone Roofing or contact us online today for professional siding installation and repair for Johnstown and Somerset, PA.